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Monitor Stand VM-LDS01

This series of products are monitor mount stand. The stand are Simple lines and fashion. The monitor arm would be perfect for our lifting desk. With this monitor mount,you can experience the pleasure of standing at work, adjusted to the same height as your eyes, no longer need to look up or down at the Monitor, then can ease the long-term desk work caused by neck and shoulder discomfort. Standing up also relieves aches and pains in the lower back. Studies have shown that standing is good for your body and can improve your productivity. The desk mount is made of  aluminum alloy material and solid to support your monitor. Table clamps allow for a more flexible installation, allowing you to clip them to the edge of the table. Installation is simple, we provide all the installation materials and tools, a person can be easily done in a few minutes.

Product Category:Monitor RiserTilt:15°
Color:blackScreen Rotation:360°
Distance from the wall:
Pole Height:255mm-440mm
Height adjustment rang of arm:
Screen Quantity:1Suggested Desktop Thickness:10mm-30mm
Fit Screen Size:15"-32"Packing Size56.5x16x9cm
Weight Capacity (per screen):8kgsNW(kgs)10.5
VESA Compatible:75/100GW(kgs)13

1. Wide range of applications: This monitor desk mount is suitable for lifting table, of course, if your table thickness is between 10-30 mm can also be applied.
2. A more comfortable way to work: With this monitor stand, you can work standing up, which has been shown to increase blood flow, make you feel more relaxed at work, and relieve the pain in your shoulders, neck and lower back caused by long-term work.
3. Flexible installation: table clip installation, do not need to punch in your desk, you can easily clip to your desk edge, adjusted to suit your angle.
4. Aluminum Alloy: strong material, less shaking, do not worry about your monitor will fall off.
5. Save space: Monitor stand as you enhance your monitor, you'll notice that your desktop office area has expanded and is no longer cluttered or crowded.
6. Easy installation: we provide all the installation materials and tools, as well as a detailed manual, one can easily and quickly install.

Monitor Stand VM-LDS01

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